2010 Ford Transit Connect XLT Wagon

Thanks largely to its low price, maneuverable size, and economical powertrain, the Transit Connect makes a fantastic cargo vehicle. However, I just don't think that the Wagon edition is a very good family vehicle.

Why? Many reasons ... It takes a long time to warm the cavernous cargo area during a Michigan winter, especially for my crying one-year-old in the back seat. Average-size adults sitting in the back seat will have their knees near their chins, as the bench is pretty low. I'm not sure why the back bench is so low, either, because there's a ton of headroom. Considering the high ceiling, the Transit Connect Wagon perhaps would be a good family vehicle for someone with young triplets, as the high roof-along with an easy step-in height-makes it very easy to plunk kids into position on the wide bench. All that cargo space behind the rear seat would be nice for triplets' sundries, too, but there's no easy way to separate it from the occupants in the back seat. It'd be nice if Ford offered a retractable cargo cover like what you find in most station wagons and SUVs; perhaps that accessory will become available at a later date.

I'm still fairly impressed with how peppy the TC feels once underway, despite its inadequacies against the stopwatch. (Our technical editor Don Sherman clocked an empty cargo version of the Transit Connect at a superslow 11.1 seconds to 60 mph in a test for our March 2010 issue.) Wind noise is still a big issue on the highway, but overall, this Turkish-built Ford van drives like a much smaller vehicle. An extra bonus from behind the wheel of the Wagon is that the rearward visibility is actually decent, thanks to the big windows in the sliding-side and split-rear doors.

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

Edward A. Sanchez
I think Ford should offer the 8-passenger Tourneo Connect model in the U.S. Add a 6-speed PowerShift trans and the 2.0 EcoBoost, and you'd have a surefire hit!

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