2010 Cadillac SRX Turbo AWD Premium

After driving the new SRX, I won't be writing any love letters to General Motors or David Zenlea's OnStar girlfriend. Still, there are definitely a lot of good things going on with Cadillac's newest SUV.

Outside onlookers will likely be impressed by the SRX's attractive exterior design language, as this Caddy is a very classy example of the brand's "Art and Science" theme. The people inside the SRX should also be quite pleased with their surroundings, since the crossover can be filled with lots of nice features, including a giant sunroof and heated and cooled seats. The driver who travels a lot might become a fan of the SRX's ability to post the speed limit of his or her current road on the instrument panel. In my experience, however, it wasn't always accurate: Main Street in Ann Arbor, just south of M-14, used to have a silly speed limit of 35 mph, but within the last couple years, the limit was upped to 45 mph. The SRX, however, told me that the speed limit was 40 mph, which I don't believe it's ever been on that stretch of road. Go figure.

The SRX's new turbo engine doesn't seem all that well suited to this vehicle: It suffers quite a bit more lag than most modern turbos, yet at the top of the powerband, it almost feels too aggressive for a Cadillac people-hauler. And if you lift off the gas quickly, the vehicle often pitches forward like a high-strung turbocharged rally car. I do, however, agree with Zenlea that the SRX is one of the more buttoned-down crossovers on the market today.

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

That's a decent looking car for a small crossover. Cadillac did a good job.

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