2010 BMW 750Li xDrive Sedan

I agree with previous comments that this particular spec 7-series is just as compelling in its own way as our identically priced 2009 Four Seasons 750Li, which is loaded up with almost every imaginable luxury and safety feature. I much prefer this particular car's baseball-mitt leather over black carpet and trim to our Four Seasons car's all-cream interior, which has taken a beating, especially the carpet, over twelve hard months of use. Cream colors always look good in dealer showrooms, but they are never practical in real-world usage.

This morning, in the daylight, I took a look at the two cars side-by-side and noticed some subtle but discernible differences (see photos) by which one can tell the 750Li apart from the xDrive 750Li on the road. In addition to the most obvious difference, that being the xDrive's gorgeous M Sport twenty-inch wheels, both the front and rear styling differs between the stock 7 and this M-Sport-package-equipped xDrive model. At the rear, the red corner driving lights are moved from the bottom edge of the bumper to the top edge on the M Sport car, which allows for a bigger strip of chrome trim. The rectangular exhaust pipes themselves are identical.

At the front, the grille's twin kidneys are more deliberately outlined in chrome on the luxury-oriented base 750Li, whereas on the M Sport car, the chrome is more recessed. The M Sport grille has narrower openings between the vertical slats and has no horizontal pieces, whereas the base grille has wider openings and has an egg-crate appearance. The M Sport car has a much more aggressive air dam and big strips of chrome at the corners, which mirror those on the rear bumper. The xDrive car also gets a subtle "xDrive" badge on the front quarter panels.

As for performance, I noticed a discernible difference in the car's seat-of-the-pants acceleration from stoplights last night on wet roads, thanks to additional traction offered by the inanely named xDrive all-wheel-drive system. And is it me or is the exhaust note just a bit more rorty than in the more luxury-oriented car?

Joe DeMatio, Deputy Editor

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