2010 Scion tC

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It's interesting to drive this car after we've recently had in a Nissan Sentra SE-R. After all, both are front-wheel-drive compacts that have been sported up, and both were about $23K. This car is $23,500, and I prefer it. It has a lot more style and presence than the Sentra SE-R, and it's much more fun to drive, partly because it has a five-speed manual. Our test car was larded with some expensive options, most notably a set of very, very cool black TRD 18-inch wheels with Toyo sport tires. The $600 TRD exhaust is just about right: not too noisy, but noisy enough. I'd much rather have this exhaust from TRD than from the aftermarket. I've always liked the tC; I think it's a nice combination of sportiness and practicality, with its hatchback. After several years on the road, it also still looks very good. Ergonomics are very straightforward. I'm not exactly sure why they felt the need to have a lid for the stereo system, but I suppose it looks kinda cool when it's shut, and this car is all about looking cool.

One of my favorite features, actually, is an insert into the cupholder that was very clearly designed to hold a cell phone. Very useful, very obvious. Everyone has a cell phone and everyone needs a place to put it when they get in the car.

Joe DeMatio, Executive Editor

After reading all the Toyota's latest horrible recall information, I am hesitated to buy another Toyota. I was led down by the first Scion xB, and the tC is not doing enough to entice me back. There is currently no other comparable coupe for the price range (the Civic is economy car, not a sporty coupe and the SI is overpriced), but I am moving up to the Genesis coupe 2.0 T. That 210 hp feels much more substantial compared to this tC. And Korean cars are getting better, while Toyota, the mother of Scion, are getting more and more bad coverage for their questionable build quality these days.
@FacelessSounds like you have long legs and arms that allow you to sit with the seat pushed farther back, so you're under a higher section of the sloping roof. Maybe McCausland has a proportionally taller torso and shorter limbs--I can imagine how someone shorter could have a harder time getting comfortable in a car without a telescoping steering wheel than a taller person.
I have a 2009 Scion tC that is virtually identical. Having driven it 20K miles so far, generally I have to agree that it's a nice car. However, a couple of your comments are weird. First, Zenlea especially likes the interior, whereas to me the interior absolutely screams "CHEAP!" The upholstery is this slick stuff that reminds me of doubleknit. Eccch! I also find McCausland's comment odd (saying that at 5'-10" he can't fit), because I'm 6'-4" and actually bought the car because I fit so well in it.

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