2010 Audi R8

During my time with the Audi R8 V-10, I found myself staring out my living room window, over my yard, and to my driveway. My field of vision included white snow on the grass, dormant brown trees, lifeless plants, and pow! a bright red supercar: almost surreal. It was enough to make even the dullest winter day a little hotter.

Upon starting up 5.2 liters and 10 cylinders of fury, the deep bellow from the exhaust sends a tingle down your spine and grabs the attention of anyone within earshot. My neighbor even came out of his house to see what all the engine noise was; I told him the car was just idling. The R-Tronic transmission takes some getting used to. I found myself using the paddle shifters in manual mode rather than the unexpected jolt and shift in automatic mode. The car was more comfortable, predictable, and enjoyable that way.

Like Joe DeMatio, I, too, had to run an unappealing errand in the 525-hp buggy; a trip to the store for a single bag of dog food. The look on a man's face parked next to me was priceless. I placed the large bag on the front seat, because the front storage compartment was too small. In doing so, I also had to buckle in the food so the airbag chime would turn off. Imagine: a $171,000, mid-engine supercar going down the road with a bag of dog food strapped to the front passenger's seat. Now, that's properly securing your cargo.

Mike Ofiara, Road Test Coordinator

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