2010 Audi A5 Cabriolet Tiptronic

This Audi A5 convertible gives you all the warm and quiet comforts of a hard top automobile, with the fun and flexibility of a soft top. I was surprised at how much this model parallels the creature comforts of its hardtop counterpart.

Today I had to make a dreadfully early morning run to the airport to drop off my partner for a sun & fun weekend in Florida. Its dark, it's a nippy 29°F, I don't have enough coffee, and I'm cursing him in my head for leaving me in this frozen tundra of Michigan.

While dropping off curbside, the light bulb pinged in my head... Photo Op! Top down, camera out, and shooting as much as possible before TSA tells me I need to move it. Other cars driving by looking with strange faces. Pictures of a convertible at the airport in February, what's the deal? Then I was reminded when I saw my reflection while taking a photo... oh yeah. Convertible, top down, guy with mohawk, and it's 29°F in Michigan.

I drove off with the top down. The next 45 miles proved to be more awakening than a grande Starbucks with three extra shots! I zipped down the freeway to the office in the subfreezing weather at about 80 mph listening to Lady Gaga jam out "I'm a freak" -- rather fitting, I thought.

Had I taken the time to put up the wind blocker, it might have been completely enjoyable. As it was, I just cranked the heat and the seat heater to high. The most delightful pleasure was having the A5 blow warm sweet nothings down my neck from the seat's built-in air vent at back of my neck and head.

As I pulled into the parking structure and waited for the top to go up, I felt as though I proved my point: everyone dies, not everyone lives. This morning I felt alive!

Kelly Ryan Murphy, Creative Director

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