I was one of the first journalists to drive the ZDX, and I enjoyed my entire experience. I was, let me say, up around Monterey and Carmel in California, enjoying a fabulous couple of days of sightseeing, dining, and staying at the wonderful Post Ranch Inn. It was a luxurious vacation experience in the lavishly appointed and trimmed ZDX, a car that follows in the design shadow of the ungainly BMW GTs, cars I find grotesquely unattractive. The second I set eyes on the ZDX, I gasped audibly. But on second glance (when I opened my scrunched eyes), the ZDX was definitely more shapely and better proportioned. And I quickly got used to driving it on the twisty narrow roads around Carmel Valley and south on Highway 1.

Now the ZDX is in our garage. It looks tall, narrow, and ungainly. Inside, it is narrow, high-cowled, and the roof feels confining. At night, the console lights are too numerous and difficult to sort in usable groups, although I know that any owner would become quickly familiar with everything. We'll find that out for sure when we take delivery of a Four Seasons test ZDX shortly. It was snowing and cold, and the ZDX became my immediate boon companion on the highway. By day, the interior becomes less confusing, and the materials are as sumptuous as I remember from last year's drive.

We'll see how a one-year fling plays out for us and the ZDX. But right now, I can't relate.

Jean Jennings, President & Editor-in-Chief

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@MusicCityMadmanI'm glad to hear the ZDX will be entering the Four Seasons fleet, simply because I'm hopeful that the Automobile Mag crew can give us some insight as to why a niche that most of us would never have even imagined five years ago is, for better or for worse, now blossoming so quickly.
This vehicle isn't like a Platypus it's more like a Dodo Bird, it just hasn't gone extinct yet.
WTF, Jennings & Co? A Four Seasons test on a niche product from a second tier luxo maker? Is your time and magazine space not valuable that you waste it on this? Who was it that said ZDX stands for Zero Demand 'Xpected? Next time poll your staff before wasting an entire year with this monstrosity.

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