2010 Lincoln MKS EcoBoost

I drew Lincoln's flagship when I requested something, anything, with all wheels driving to get me through an impending storm. I foolishly drove the MKS into the teeth of a Michigan snow squall to attend a Cadillac-LaSalle Club meeting in a town an hour away. Much to my chagrin, this car ate up the slippery pavement and wriggled its way through slow-moving traffic as if it were equipped with spiked treads. Actually, it was equipped with ordinary all-season radials instead of the real winter tires that are most appropriate for our crappy weather. While accelerating from stoplights and while cruising at the speed limit, this car demonstrated impeccable traction and stability. During heavy throttle indulgences, the 355-hp EcoBoost V-6 causes the front wheels to hunt and peck for the right path, but that's a minor fault considering the adverse circumstances I encountered. On several occasions, it struck me that a return to Colorado's Loveland Pass in the dead of winter would be the real acid test for the MKS (see 6versus8.com). With EcoBoost eliminating the loss of power attributable to altitude and an all-wheel-drive system where the front wheels do most of the work, I think this car climbing a snow-covered mountain might finally overcome BMW's 5-series (even one optioned up with awd).

My only gripe about this Lincoln: headrests cocked way too far forward that aren't readily removable.

Don Sherman, Technical Editor

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I agree with those who say Ford should start from scratch. It is just too slow, too ugly, too expensive, and too late!!!!But Ford is notorious for putting off platform changes. Look at the Mustang. It will be 2014 before it gets a new independant rear suspension.Ford used to be on the cutting edge. Now they are parked on the emergency lane.
in the article it says that you wouldnt put it in the same category as the bmw 5 series and audi a6 yet for its competitors you put those exact cars and a few other that dont make sense and a few that do. who understands u guys

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