2010 Honda Element EX 4WD

As if a bumper sticker proclaiming your love for dogs isn't enough, now you can get an entire vehicle devoted solely to Fido. I am dog friendly, and love a good mutt, but the cleverness of this $995 package is sadly trumped by the cheesiness. As Joe DeMatio made reference to, it's a way for Honda to put an inexpensive new spin on a dated model.

The time I spent behind the wheel was short and unfortunately I didn't get a chance to load my dog into it. However, I noticed that driving over unsmooth roads or crawling over something as simple as a speed bump creates a ruckus from the items moving around. This would grow tiresome. And the kennel takes up almost the entire storage area, so where do you put your non-canine cargo?

The Honda Element is already built for a dog-friendly audience, so to me a specific dog-friendly version just seams to be splitting hairs.

Mike Ofiara, Road Test Coordinator

Another major carmaker has made a huge recall due to a defective part that could cause serious injuries to drivers. After the recall made by Toyota, Honda decided to do the same. Honda has to recall almost 400,000 cars due to faulty airbags, made by Takata Corp in the US. Only models made from 2001 to 2002 are affected, but if their airbags are likely to explode, then people who bought these cars should have to shoulder the cost if you pay for a car (they're expensive!) you shouldn't even have to think about payday loans or shouldering any cost at all if they muff it. Detroit has to love the Toyota recall and the Honda recall although it isn't as if GM, Ford, or Chrysler hasn't made defective products either. (The Ford Pinto, Firestone Tires, and so forth.)
I think a truly "dog friendly" car would not have cloth seats. Better break out the pet hair roller.

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