2010 Honda Accord Crosstour EX-L 4WD

I walked out of my house this morning and walked around the Crosstour parked in my driveway, which I drove home last night in the dark. In my mind, I had been under the impression that this car is ugly, because that has been the general consensus in most quarters. But I didn't find it to be ugly. It could be accused of being a little ungainly, sure; but I'm not buying the ugly argument at all. I actually kinda like the whole rear-three-quarter view, actually. The interior is very nice, with typical Honda aesthetics, a nice center stack. In terms of what makes it a Crosstour, the hatch lifts up easily (it doesn't feel heavy), and it exposes a very large, beautifully finished cargo area with a pebble-pattern, quality carpet. There's a deep bin below the flat cargo floor, also, which reminded me of the big bin below the load floor of Honda's pickup truck, the Ridgeline.

The Crosstour also drives very well, with typical Accord dynamics: you know, it's not a BMW, but it's no slouch. Rear visibility is compromised by the cross beam, but it's not that bad. Rear visibility to the sides is actually of more concern, as it's compromised by the sloping D-pillar and the rear seatbacks' headrests, all of which conspires for a rather narrow field of view. To that end, it would be helpful to have a blind-spot detection system, but I didn't find one on this vehicle.

Great seat heaters, with a high/low setting. I see the usefulness of this car. Do not count me among its detractors. And, oh, who will buy it? I saw my neighbors, 50-something empty nesters---she's a teacher, he's an engineer---pulling out of their driveway in one the other day. So, yep, Phil, you got the target market right.

Joe DeMatio, Executive Editor

mo pho, I totally agree. I haee all these coupe crossover. While I think they are horrendous looking, they are the wave of the future and are more practical than a full-size SUV. And the Crosstour looks much better than the BMW X6. Love the name by the way--pho is so wonderful!
oh my god that thing is hideouswhen the image loaded i lunged for my mouse to scroll down as quickly as possible..

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