2010 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L

I suspect this is a rare bird because only a few outliers would knowingly select two doors and six gears in a Honda costing well over $20,000. Nonetheless, it's good to see this brand tip its hat in the enthusiast's direction. Overall, I'd give the Accord coupe an A-minus for execution and a B for value. High points are the stylish envelope, beautifully finished interior, and reasonably roomy rear seat. Practically every control function feels liberally lubricated and friction-free. The most noticeable exception was a slightly heavy shift effort moving across the H-pattern. Hints of gear whine while cruising and notable impact harshness on frozen roads also took the edge off the Accord's perfect score.

Don Sherman, Technical Editor

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Who needs Acura when you have Honda? There isn't enough distinction between Acura and Honda, much to the former's destriment. In some cases, Honda is even better than Acura. Perhaps Honda should incorporate Acura completely into its folds instead of having two branches that are barely distinctive from one another.

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