2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon Premium

I had a fairly high regard for the CTS sedan already, but I share Joe's opinion that the new CTS Sport Wagon has a synergistic effect on the CTS lineup. Simply put, this wagon is incredibly cool, and Ed Welburn's design team did a great job shaping the angular CTS into a wagon.

But the wagon is good for more than just attracting admiring glances--the cargo area is quite useful and versatile. I particularly like the accordion folding floor section that works well as a light-duty divider: I was easily able to separate my daughter's birthday cupcakes from my bulky white-elephant gift for the office holiday party. The tie-down points in the cargo area feel very substantial, too, but I didn't need them.

That feeling of quality extends all the way to the front of the Caddy wagon's cabin, which a huge sunroof helps brighten. Unlike Eric, I wasn't bothered by the navigation system, and I was happy to recall how much I like its vertically rising touch screen.

Also unlike Eric, I thought that the automatic transmission shifted pretty nicely, but I was chauffeuring around my one-year-old daughter most of the time, not trying to break any lap records. But the gearbox's shift paddles are too close to the steering-column stalks. That does little to undermine the CTS Sport Wagon's enjoyable overall driving experience, however.

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

Incidentally, a rearview camera is standard with the premium packages and it does pretty well. The large nav screen pops up with the car in reverse and the backup lights illuminate the area nicely at night. After a short while, you find the view out the back is not a bad as first thought; the side view mirrors provide a very wide field of view, so combined with the rear park assist, the camera, and the rear window it's not bad at all. Also, all the rear lights, including the back up lights are LED's. Amazingly bright.
It's a great car! Does everything my SUV did, except gulp fuel, while looking gorgeous to boot. People actually stop me in parking lots to get a better look at the car, something that hasn't happened since my 2005 GTO. Great job, GM.Incidentally, I traded a 2 year old BMW in on this and couldn't be happier. Great fit and finish throughout. If I had one complaint it would be with the "center stack" where I think they could have done something to consolidate all the buttons. But then, it could have resulted in a clone of BMW's old iDrive...OUCH!
Edward A. Sanchez
I sat in the wagon at the L.A. Show. I love the styling, but the rearward visibility was positively horrible from the driver's seat. I hope a rearview camera is an option. I guess that's the price you pay for style.

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