2010 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4x4 V6

I parked next to a Highlander in my apartment complex and couldn't help but feel vastly superior. Sure, the two may look somewhat similar, but only one of these Toyota tall-riders would survive the apocalypse. Indeed, there's no doubt the 4runner has a certain of swagger to go along with its capability, from the subtle, but tough exterior to its traditional roll-down rear window. If my life ever called for a real truck that could conquer dirt roads, the 4Runner would be near the top of my list.

Still, it amazes me that so many suburban folks bought body-on-frame SUVs a decade ago. The 4Runner is about as refined and well designed as you can make such a vehicle, but the drawbacks are still apparent. From the vague, light steering to the way the nose dives when you hit the brakes, there's no doubting this vehicle does not handle on-road chores as well as the average car or crossover.

David Zenlea, Assistant Editor

this review is right on. for folks who appreciate a more classic build, this car never ceases to amaze me. like yhou said, the overhead offroad buttons are a bit unfamiliar but i plan on utilizing every amazing feature at some point. the rear window roll down is simply genius. 2010 limited edition is only missing a heated steering wheel. and it does steer lightly, although its a big diff for me since i have been driving bmws for the last year or two. this is a trucks truck, with a nice sense of comfort

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