2010 Subaru Tribeca Touring

Yes, the front fascia is more conservative, but the Tribeca is still full of quirks. Want to turn on the parking lamps? There are two - two! -- switches for that; one on the headlamp switch stalk, and the other on top of the steering column (the latter isn't disabled by the ignition switch). There's also the matter of the antiquated navigation display, the stratospherically high seating position, and the add-on Bluetooth module hanging from the overhead console.

What disappoints me most is having sampled the Tribeca after driving the recently revamped Forester and the all-new 2010 Outback. I walked away from both of those models impressed with their comfortable interiors and pleasant nature on the road, but I never found a comfortable seating position behind the wheel of the Tribeca (part of this stems from the high seating position and the lack of a telescoping steering column), and the firm ride lent few favors to my daily commute, which regularly crosses some of the worst asphalt in the state.

Subaru can build outstanding crossovers -- they have two of them in their portfolio already -- but as Joe DeMatio said, it's time to start with a clean slate when they redesign the Tribeca.

Evan McCausland, Web Producer

As I read about this vehicle on other car sites, it's junk & it continues to be "junk". Subbie needs a vehicle in this segment as well & they deliver this, no thanks.

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