2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR Touring

I didn't realize how much I missed our recently departed Four Season Evo until I plunked myself down in this very similar model and put my hands on its wonderful, small-diameter steering wheel. By the first turn in the parking garage, I'd once again fallen in love with its boost-happy engine and generous surpluses of traction. The Evo is one of those vehicles you could identify even if you were blindfolded. No other vehicle I've driven responds to steering inputs with such immediacy.

However, I'd recommend skipping the MR model -- a misguided, if well-intentioned, attempt at creating a grown-up Evo. The GSR loses the slow-to-engage dual-clutch automatic and, at about $35,000, is a much better value. The idea of spending more than $40,000 on a Lancer, even a really fast one with rain-sensing windshield wipers, is tough to swallow.

Oh, and I'd like my giant wing back, thank you very much. Yes, it blocks your rearward vision, and yes, it attracts more police than would a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniel's sitting on the rear shelf. But this is a Mitsubishi Evo, dammit, and a giant rear wing is required equipment.

David Zenlea, Assistant Editor

So, the votes are in and the consensus is...what was Mitsubishi thinking? I hate to imagine what this thing is worth up here in Canada but it is likely more than some notable all-wheel drive sedans that offer far nicer build quality, comfort levels and overall refinement than the Lancer.
The wing adds character?? Funny, I always thought it made it cartoonish. Like driving around with a big sign on your car that says "I STILL LIVE IN MY PARENTS BASEMENT". Mitsubishi did a decent job of making the EVO something a grown man could drive, but for $40K? Absurd.

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