2010 Honda CR-V EX-L 4WD

I like the low cowl. It gives the CRV more of a car feeling than some of these crossover cavelike structures surrounding driver and front passenger. The exterior is much cleaner as well. You might think the stylish, sharp downslope at the trailing edge of the DLO would restrict rear visibility, but not that you'd notice.

The rear cargo area isn't bad if you add in the fact that the cargo cover is actually a hard shelf that will hold up to 20 pounds, making a doubly useful double-decker area out of the hold.

Part of the price of this vehicle is undoubtedly the sumptuous leather. Great backseat room. The center console between the front seats opens and is angled in a way that gives rear passengers easy access to the extra power outlet and the MP3 jack. As usual, there is a bin or cubby in every single place there could possibly be one.

Jean Jennings, President & Editor-in-Chief

Honda is always Best with SUV models, the most i like is Black Honda 4WD EX-L, Apart from the nip/tuck, the 2010 CR-V is not much different from the model that launched back in 2007. in short i would like to add about Honda Suv is Ahead Compititionhttp://www.TruckCarsRv.Com
...And Jennifer thinks the L in EX-L stands for long wheelbase.
So Evan says this has a 1.8 l engine and Rusty says its 2.4 liters. Which is right?

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