2010 Honda CR-V EX-L 4WD

The CR-V is getting a bit dated when compared to some of the newer compact crossovers out there, but it would likely still get my vote if I were looking for something in the segment. Honda's usual strengths, including the great visibility Jean mentioned as well as super-accurate steering, are present and much appreciated in a category that increasingly favors bulk and shoulder-high doorsills.

No doubt, the CR-V is dog slow, but I've yet to sample a single vehicle in this class that could be described as otherwise. Combine a four-cylinder engine with a reasonably high curb weight and truckish aerodynamics, and you're going to end up with a sluggish vehicle - those are just the facts of life. At least the CR-V feels easy to maneuver around town and in parking lots.

My issues with the CR-V center more on its ride, which is surprisingly harsh, and its electronics, which feel dated. The latter issue is something I've noticed on many Hondas and Acuras I've driven lately.

David Zenlea, Assistant Editor

Honda is always Best with SUV models, the most i like is Black Honda 4WD EX-L, Apart from the nip/tuck, the 2010 CR-V is not much different from the model that launched back in 2007. in short i would like to add about Honda Suv is Ahead Compititionhttp://www.TruckCarsRv.Com
...And Jennifer thinks the L in EX-L stands for long wheelbase.
So Evan says this has a 1.8 l engine and Rusty says its 2.4 liters. Which is right?

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