2010 Ford Taurus SHO

I'm glad the Ford Taurus SHO is back in Ford's lineup. There's no denying that the new EcoBoost engine makes great power. I took a friend, a V-8 guy, for a spin, and he quickly became a fan of the turbocharged V-6. The subtle exterior styling cues that separate the SHO from a regular Taurus are small but noticeable; horizontal beam lights below the headlights and larger wheels just to name a couple, are tasteful and aren't tackily overdone.

Behind the wheel, the Ford Taurus SHO feels like a much bigger car than it is. The dashboard is high, and the windshield looks short; when you hit the brakes, the car feels very heavy. The interior is nicely put together, although a bit clustered with buttons, but it's still user-friendly.

I do believe Ford is on the right track, and the Taurus SHO is another step in the right direction.

Mike Ofiara, Road Test Coordinator

Over-bloated, under-powered and looks tacky.

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