2010 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson Edition

Where did the orange pinstripes go? I sort of liked those on the previous Harley-Davidson-edition F-150s. I must admit that the new Hog-150 is more tasteful in all black and chrome. I didn't even notice the swoosh lower graphic, since its color didn't significantly contrast with the paint on the rest of the truck. I've seen photos of other new Harley Fords, though, where the graphic is much brighter than the truck's main hue, in which case Joe Lorio's "RV" description is apt. The interior is attractive and solid, but I still think it's overdone. I've never really understood the appeal of the Harley-Davidson F-150, but if Ford and Harley can make money on these vehicles, then more power to them. Honestly, I was way more excited by the power sliding rear window WITH A DEFROSTER than I was by the Harley trim. I've never seen these two rear-truck-window features combined before, but I love it! Anyway, enough about my weird hang-ups-as my coworkers have noted, and as I've observed in other new F-150s, this six-speed automatic transmission generally seems pretty obstinate. The truck has decent get-up-and-go from a standstill, but kickdowns are extremely sluggish, unless you happen to hit the sweet spot of the gearing. Finally, despite its giant wheels, this F-150 rides quite well, but it still can't quite match the refinement of the Dodge Ram.

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

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