2010 Ford F-150 Harley Davidson Edition

2010 Ford F150 Harley Davidson Edition

Starting at almost $43,000 (for a two-wheel drive model), this is a pricey truck, but it's not like Ford is asking for some ridiculous premium for a few Harley badges. That price is just a couple hundred dollars above the Platinum trim. With the Harley-Davidson model, the wheels grow from 20 inches to 22 inches but the Platinum edition does boast a few more standard features. I still think this Harley-Davidson price is pretty reasonable.

I agree with Joe Lorio that the graphic on the side of the truck is quite cheap and tacky, and I also don't like the stretched "Harley-Davidson" badge on the sides of the bed. Inside, however, I do like the black-cherry-colored radio surround and complementing gloss black trim.

Driving is obviously no different than other F-150s. The truck trundles over railroad tracks and rough pavement. Power is just adequate, and the transmission seems reluctant to downshift. I've driven other F-150s, but this was the first time I noticed the lack of a "mode" button for the HVAC controls to determine where the heat is delivered. Your only options are a front defrost button and an "auto" button that decided to direct air at the windshield and my feet. It seems like a bizarre oversight that I couldn't get heat to come out of the main dash vents.

Eric Tingwall, Associate Editor

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