I, for one, am enthralled that the "T" within the "V6T" emblems on the S4's fenders no longer indicates the presence of a turbocharger. This supercharger offers boost from square one, and as Mike Ofiara noted, there's little whine to hint at its existence. I thought this engine pulled hard in de-tuned form in an A6, but here - where it uses all 333 hp and is mated with a chassis that can fully harness all of those ponies - it absolutely shines. I know that when you compare specifications, the S4 lines up with BMW's 335i, but I'd rather have this car than an M3. Yes, the uber-3 is more razor-sharp, but the S4 feels more comfortable to use on a daily basis - that "comfort" mode is rather plush, and Audi's really nailing interiors these days - yet can still be just as much fun on either a straightaway or a sweeping road course.

One note of warning to those who wish to blitz down the autobahn: if you can, avoid opting for the park sense system. The feature may be great when trying to inch close to cars in parallel parking spots, but it constantly sends out a false K-band signal on my radar detector, a must-have accessory in a car that builds speeds as quickly and smoothly as this.

Evan McCausland, Web Producer

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