2010 Mercedes Benz E350

I'm not as enamored of the E-class coupe's styling as my colleagues seem to be. To me, it almost has an old-school two-door-sedan profile that's awkward from some angles, particularly because of the little sliver-window at the very back of the side glass. Regardless, though, I commend Mercedes for continuing to build a comprehensive lineup of stylish coupes, even if this one's new name (replacing the CLK badge) is a bit misleading.

The E350's engine isn't overwhelmingly powerful, but it does the job and sounds nicely throaty. The steering is too light for my liking, especially at everyday, legal speeds. This is particularly disappointing because I've really liked the firm steering of the newest batch of Benzes (S-class, C-class, SLK, SL).

Wrestling a baby seat into the back of this slick coupe isn't for the stiff of joint or the large of frame, I can tell you that. Elsewhere inside, the dash design is very vertical, which doesn't make it feel very luxurious in this case. On the plus side, Mercedes-Benz's Comand multimedia system continues to be my favorite, just ahead of iDrive in the new 7-series and Hyundai's system in the Genesis. Finally, the rear windows lower to reveal no B-pillar, convertible-style, which is great for checking your blind spots and, in concert with the big sunroof, for letting in lots of wind and light.

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

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