2010 Lexus RX350

Andrew Trahan

What's nice about getting into the RX350 is that you're immediately immersed in the lovely Lexus luxury cabin. It just hits you in the face as soon as you open the door, and it makes you feel glad to be climbing in. Our test car had a black interior trimmed in a dark, mahogany-type wood, and the combination looked fabulous. I like the asymmetrical sweep to the center stack. I appreciate the superb Lexus/Toyota navigation screen, the completely intuitive radio controls, plus knobs for volume and tuning. There's a great feeling of solidity to this vehicle. You get into it, and you realize why Lexus sells so many RXs. The RX has an extraordinarily smooth, refined, and powerful powertrain, and it goes down the road beautifully, as long as the road doesn't have too many curves in it. That's what most buyers want.

I also like the little triangular windows inside the A-pillars (the front pillars of the vehicle), as these aid visibility. The driver's seat has really good adjustments; the seat bottom adjusts in many directions, which makes it easier to find a comfortable position. This sounds obvious and simple, but by comparison, the driver's seat in the Ford Flex I drove recently didn't adjust nearly as well and was never as comfortable for me as the one in the RX. That's just one of the many things Lexus does right in this vehicle.

The mouse controller on the RX was a surprise; it's very intuitive and makes a nice little "ding" noise.

Joe DeMatio, Executive Editor

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