2010 Ford Mustang GT Premium Convertible

I have a penchant for drop-top Mustangs, but during my weekend with this pony car, I constantly longed for a fixed roof in spite of the sunny skies. I've grown accustomed to the rear end being skittish over expansion joints and large potholes - it's simply the nature of the live-axle beast - but chopping the top induces a considerable amount of cowl shake, forcing the front end to dance more than the coupe's.

Then again, this isn't a track car. If the coupe feels anything like a sport bike, the GT convertible is more along the lines of a Honda Gold Wing - it's best suited at tackling long, open-air cruises, not blitzing through apexes. In spite of the large nineteen-inch wheels, the car feels relatively comfortable (I'd even argue it's a tad soft, as evidenced by a ton of body roll).

Still, as David says, it's hard to imagine paying close to $40 grand for all this, even with the top down. Other cars can provide that same open-topped charm for less money - it's just a pity they usually don't include that delectable V-8 snarl, though...

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Brett T. Evans
I'd wager that the Ford Mustang Convertible is the perfect car, and I do mean that. This review outlined that there are better cars to drive for cheaper, but none that do are big enough (Mini Cooper Convertible) and none that are bigger are cool enough (Chrysler Sebring). This car is even a viable replacement for the family sedan. My mother drives one and she, my dad, and I just took a 9 hour road trip. Mind you, I'm 6 foot and my dad's 5'11" and I could sit behind him easily, although I preferred to sit behind my 5'6" mom. I am not flexible, so clearly the seats are big enough for those older than 12. It also swallowed enough luggage and supplies for a full week, including wedding clothes. It is, in short, a perfect balance of everything. And anyone who's ever driven convertibles should know to check the windshield header. This review was bogus.
This is the first review in which so many "problems" have been found with the 2010 Mustang. Personally I think you guys took your frustration with the weather and what not on the review. As for the convertible handles....please...anyone who's ever driven a Mustang Convertible knows excatly where things are. In worst case scenerio Ford does provide a drivers manual. Lame review in my opinion. Next time try not to bash the car because of a bad mood.

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