2010 Ford Flex EcoBoost

Andrew Trahan
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Phil and Joe do not lie: this EcoBoosted Flex is one quick big box. I went beyond highway hustling and sampled the solid towing capabilities of this Flex, and my 2000-pound popup camper trailer barely diminished the Ford's awesome accelerative power (although the Flex's brakes were a bit stressed by the extra weight of the unbraked trailer). Indeed, I think the Flex beats pretty much every other six-cylinder vehicle that I've hooked my camper behind (such as the Jeep Wrangler, Chrysler Town & Country, Toyota FJ Cruiser, and Subaru Tribeca). Fuel mileage, towing or not, is slightly disappointing at 18 mpg combined, but what can you expect from a 355-hp, 4800-pound, all-wheel-drive SUV?

I also concur with Joe about the Flex's imperfect driving position. My issue, though, is that I feel too short behind the Flex's steering wheel, with the door-window bottoms near my shoulder and enough extra headroom to wear the Chiquita banana lady's hat. At 5'6", I'm certainly no Yao Ming, but I'm still taller than many people who will end up driving Flexes. The lack of a telescoping steering column only compounds things.

Growing families with enough cash shouldn't be afraid to overlook that, though, because this Flex is the real deal---a spacious crossover with lots of room for American-sized people and their stuff. That it is stylish, particularly in this metallic black hue with a silver roof, and handles well for a vehicle of this size and shape further strengthen the Flex's position in the marketplace.

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

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