2010 Chevrolet Camaro 2LT Coupe

Andrew Trahan

The untrained eye will probably be unable to discern a Camaro SS from a V-6-powered model like this one. A deaf person riding in the car might also mistake this peppy base model for the racier small-block model.

The V-6 is quite impressive, which isn't surprising since it has more horsepower than the 4.6-liter V-8 in the 2009 Ford Mustang GT. The combined fuel economy rating of 22 mpg is pretty decent, too. The V-6 Camaro will even do a burnout, which is important in a pony car. Like Joe D, I think I prefer this car to the pricier SS we drove a couple months back; I bet I'd like the $23K base Camaro LS even more.

Still, my primary issues with the Camaro remain: Visibility is terrible, especially over-the-shoulder blind-spot checks (as Evan noted). The interior design is not to my liking, and it's very dark in this example; I'd like to see if the beige or gray interiors feel less claustrophobic. Also, I found the seat cushions to be a bit flat, particularly in the seatback, which doesn't have a lumbar adjustor. There are so many gauges in this interior that you'd think there'd be a legible analog speedometer, but you have to either guess what number is beneath that superthick needle or call up the digital readout in the gauge cluster (which precludes the display of trip-computer or other useful information).

Still, the Camaro's smokin'-hot looks are tough to ignore. And the automatic is actually quite good and relatively involving, although the plastic +/- markers tacked on the back of the steering wheel are somewhat silly; the "paddles" themselves aren't bad, though.

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

I also own a 2010 2LT RS V6 auto. It is truly an amazing car for the mature sports car driver. Anyone looking to buy a 3 series BMW coupe should take a look at this car. Great alternative (If you can stand not having a blue & white circle on the back, which is all you are paying for anyway). Also, the reviewers are saying there is a blind spot when trying to pass. I have heard this from so many reviewers and I would like to set them all straight. Do this test. Look in your side view mirror until the car beside you disappears. Then look over your left shoulder. If you do this you will see this car has absolutely no blind spot. None. The 2LT has ultrasonic rear parking assist which is all that's needed for backing up. Awesome car. I would recommend to anyone in the market.
I enjoyed your review and I'm glad you liked the V6 camaro. I have to agree the 3.6 DI in my FE2 AWD CTS is an impressive motor. I do disagree though as the LS3 in my vette is a far more powerful beast.fwiw..if I were buying a new camaro it would be the LS3. Now if GM would just slap on a dual clutch sequential I'd be opening my wallet yet again. Manual in my vette, automatic in my CTS.. I want a Dual clutch sequential trans for my next vehicle.thanks again for a great review. I'd still rather have a V8!
Funny you mention the V6's exhaust note. I had a chance to talk briefly with Mr. Oppenheiser (Pre-Woodward Camaro show). One thing we did talk about is the V6 exhaust! I got a chance to show him my custom exhaust which gives my V6 an aggressive sports performance sound. As mentioned by one of the reviewers, most people associate the Camaro with a big V8 sound and have a very hard time accepting a performance V6 sound coming from a Camaro. I hope to change that!
I own a 2010 2LT RS (V6 auto) it is an awesome piece of machinery. Goes like hell, handles great, gets lots of compliments. Excellent in every respect.

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