2009 Nissan Cube Krom

Don Sherman Jeffrey Jablansky

I haven't yet decided whether the Krom is the coolest Cube or simply the goofiest. Because, let's face it, a Cube of any stripe is pretty quirky-looking (but not in a bad way), and when you adorn it with all manner of chrome (or is that krom?), it becomes even more so. Then again, isn't that the point? Anyone who's buying a Cube isn't afraid of being noticed. It's not exactly a car that blends in with traffic, so why not buy the most extroverted one on the lot?

Of course, once you're inside the Cube, you notice other things, like the cool magenta mood lighting low in the cockpit, the rippled headliner, and the piece of shag rug on the dash (?!). Yep, the Cube is definitely cut from a different cloth than your average, every-day entry-level car.

Amy Skogstrom, Managing Editor

Krom is a god worshipped by Conan in those movies and books. I can imagine Schwarzenegger saying "By Krom!" right now.

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