2009 Nissan 370Z Sport

Andrew Trahan

This car is a riot. Perhaps I'm so happy with the 370Z because I never really cared for the 350Z, but there's no denying the power or handling this coupe brings to the table. While the 3232-pound curb weight didn't impress Mr. Zenlea, it certainly looks enticing next to a 3849-pound V-8 Camaro or many of the other heavyweight sports cars on the market these days. The VQ engine could be more refined, but I don't think the NVH levels are out of line with the expectations of a Nissan sports car shopper.

It's immensely satisfying to execute a perfect (computer-aided) downshift in this Z before attacking a turn. Once you're past the apex there's a lot of thrust, and grabbing the next gear brings a big smile to your face. You'll certainly notice midcorner bumps, although the Z is far easier than a Mustang to hustle down the broken pavement we use as roads in Michigan.

Could the whole package be more refined? Certainly. But the point of a 370Z is to deliver strong performance at a reasonable cost. If you want refinement, go look at the BMW 3-series, and expect to pay $50,000.

Phil Floraday, Senior Online Editor

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