2010 Roush Mustang 427R

Andrew Trahan

If you're looking for attention, the 2010 Roush Mustang 427R will certainly do the trick. I had the luxury of taking the car home over the extended 4th of July weekend, and the car made quite a splash wherever I went. Someone told me it is "the ultimate patriotic American muscle car." I suppose it could be. Although not my favorite, the dark blue paint with light blue accents was also fitting given the holiday. Twenty-inch chrome five-spoke wheels with big red Roush brake calipers and slotted rotors greet your eyes as you scan the car.

But the Roush 427R doesn't just look good sitting still, it looks good going fast, and does it ever with the supercharged V-8 pumping out 435 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. The supercharger doesn't whine like most until you get way up in the rpm, then it screams bloody murder. Shifting is quick and precise with the Roush short-throw shifter, and the NASCAR-style shift ball looks like it came straight off of Carl Edwards's Ford Fusion. No need to look at the tachometer while driving; the intoxicating sound coming from the huge tail pipes tells you when you're approaching the 6500-rpm redline.

Like Rusty, I didn't like the Roush logo plastered onto the gauges. It looks like an afterthought and should have remained off; if you want a constant reminder of what you're driving, just touch the gas pedal. It would be nice to see this car resemble more of a racecar, too; little things like a carbon fiber console, aggressively bolstered seats with five-point harnesses, or even a push-button start would be a clever touch.

Mike Ofiara, Road Test Coordinator

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