2010 Jaguar XF Premium

Jeffrey Jablansky
Andrew Trahan

I haven't been as happy to see "5.0" badging since I caught my last glimpse of the the mid-90s Ford Mustang that used to cruise my local streets. But that was a Fox-platform Mustang, and this - this is a world-class Jaguar.

Though the interior is virtually identical to our long termer's, save for a different grain of wood, the exterior on this model seems to glow. Perhaps it's the sublime combination of Lunar Gray paint with the beautiful multi-spoke wheels; Andrew Trahan noted that it was perfect to photograph against our overcast skies. I love it! The gray hues accentuate the curves that separate the XF from its midsize luxury competitors. I know there are XF-haters out there who say that the design is "too derivative," or "looks too much like an Aston Martin." Since when did that become pejorative?

The engine is a gem, and I wish I had more time behind the wheel. Power delivery in "D" mode (as opposed to sport "S" mode) wasn't as fluid as I remembered it in our 4.2-liter supercharged version, but I didn't really getto bring it up beyond B-road speeds. It has a great snarl, though.

The most telling moment of our short time with the XF was when we were parked briefly, debriefing. A U-of-M techie walked by with an iPhone and with some hesitation asked me, "Is this brand-new?" No, sir - Jaguar's been selling these for almost two years now. His reaction? He took out his iPhone, snapped a million pictures, and walked away. Five minutes later, two coeds in a Pontiac G8 drove by and yelled, "Sweet car!" Right away, we could hear them whispering to each other, "What was that?"

Jaguar, get this car some more exposure. The people love it!

Jeffrey Jablansky, Intern

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