Call me Oscar the Grouch, but I'm not as blown away by the Cube as most of the other folks in the office seem to be. Don't get me wrong, this is one funky small car. It looks adorable and the seating position, which Jean perfectly described as Jacuzzi-like, is something that must be experienced. But in other ways, this particular Cube felt suspiciously like a de-contented compact car - slow and numb, with an interior made up of lots of hard, black plastic. Of course, it's hard to find any new car for $15,500 that doesn't suffer from these maladies. More concerning is the relative lack of utility. One would think a vehicle named after the most volume-efficient of shapes would excel at carrying lots of goodies, but the somewhat high, thick rear bumper obstructs what is only a decent storage area. Anyone who has spent time with a Honda Fit will be disappointed.

As Eric noted, the interior extras are sorely missed here. The absurd, wonderful things you can buy for the Cube are a huge part of the car's charm. This pared-down model is still a fine, fun compact, but there are other options I'd consider first.

David Zenlea, Assistant Editor

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