2009 BMW 335i Coupe

Andrew Trahan

This coupe is clearly designed for folks with bigger frames, as I need to scoot all the way up, and once I have, am brushing against the windshield. Aside from that, the 335i is, predictably, beyond reproach. As others have noted, the transmission is perfect, with a nicely weighted, if slightly heavy clutch. And that engine. Oh that engine. It's as smooth and powerful as I remember it being in the 135i, the only wonderful difference being that you can hear a bit more blow off between fast shifts in the 3-series. Of course, the 1-series gets you this engine for about the same price as a 328i coupe. Purists will tell you there's more to a BMW than power, and that's likely true, but whenever I get into a car with this 300-hp screamer I'm reduced to a giggling teenager. I'd make sure to get it with my BMW if at all possible - even if it meant settling for a "lowly" 1-series.

David Zenlea, Assistant Editor

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