2010 Infiniti G37 Convertible

Unlike Joe DeMatio, I was surprised by the amount of body motion in the G37 and how much it creaked and rattled over the smallest imperfections and even around slow corners. I also noticed that the satisfyingly solid "thump" the door of an Infiniti usually makes when closed was absent. It was more of a metallic "clunk," almost as if the door was out of alignment. Once I dropped the top, though, the creaking ceased and the door was cured. A couple days later, after driving with the top up for a while, the creaking returned and the door had lost its thump again. From what Jason Cammisa concluded in his first drive of the G37 convertible, I have to assume that these issues are confined to this specific vehicle and aren't a model-wide affliction. I'd love to get seat time in another G37 convertible soon to see if this is true.

Otherwise, the G37 convertible is a joy to drive. The view out the rear glass is as good as or better than that of its coupe sibling, which is an achievement for a convertible, and the lack of a B-pillar allows for an unhindered side view, giving the topless G a much less claustrophobic feeling than the coupe. Unfortunately, as with many convertibles, storage space is lacking, and with the top down the trunk is merely for show. It's wide enough but only inches deep, and the small opening left when the top is stowed is mail-slot narrow--a small price to pay, I suppose, for the quiet and security afforded by a hardtop.

At backroad speeds with the windows up, the wind barely entered the cabin, making a leisurely, top-down drive on a sunny, 50-degree day a pleasure. I didn't even have to put my hair in a ponytail or cover it with a hat. The headrest-mounted speakers make it possible to leave the stereo at a normal volume with the top down, so conversations with a passenger don't become a shouting match.

Jennifer Misaros, Production Editor

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