2010 Infiniti G37 Convertible

I've already driven the G37 in coupe and sedan variants, so late-spring snow flurries be damned, I lowered the roof for a spring cruise. "Wishful thinking?" asked one woman walking past the car. No, ma'am. Just a devotion to my editorial duties.

Shivers notwithstanding, the topless experience was quite fabulous. Some while back, West Coast editor Jason Cammisa lamented that the G37 coupe sounded better from the outside than in the drivers seat. Problem solved. The VQ's exhaust note is intoxicating, and it's nice to have that sound fill the cabin. And it looks great.

I was concerned about what might happen if the snow flurries intensified or worse, turned to rain. The G37's roof takes its sweet time going through the motions.

I wasn't able to push the car much, given the cold, damp roads, but in normal driving it felt very much like every other G37 I've driven. As much as we've whined about manual-gearbox G37s in the past, I'd probably still take my hardtop with three pedals, if only to distinguish myself from all the fashionistas who will surely be buying these.

David Zenlea, Assistant Editor

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