2010 Ford Mustang GT

The unusually bright blue paint ensures that NO ONE misses the Mustang GT when you drive by. That and the aforementioned exhaust note. It made the parking attendants sit up and take notice, it inspired kids on the street to give the Mustang the thumbs-up as we drove by, and it caused some dumbo in a Grand Am to dog me on the freeway for twenty miles. An engine that rattles your ribs when you rev it is a special engine indeed. The thrill of the rev is what caused me to find the speedo at 100 and beyond--I just wanted to keep the engine in full roar as much as possible. I was not interested in the fuel economy numbers during my time behind the wheel.

I love that Ford sewed in the blue leather seat stripes, rather than printed them on, and that the shift knob is a big ball of billet aluminum--at least that's what it feels like--and I like the solid shift feel. The gauges are retro cool.

I have a fairly long drive over a variety of road surfaces, from crappy Ann Arbor city streets to crappy Michigan interstates to railroad tracks. That live rear axle would get mighty old in short order. But I have to admit that a goose of the throttle and all was forgiven.

Jean Jennings, President & Editor-in-Chief

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