2009 Land Rover Range Rover HSE

I can't help but be taken aback that that this SUV costs more than $78,000 - that's a lot, even if it is the legendary Range Rover, known for its unrivaled blend of off-road ability and top-grade luxury. Still, that price pales in comparison to the Mercedes-Benz G550, which stickers for more than $100,000, so I suppose that, in some circles at least, the Range Rover might be considered a good deal. At least, if I were a millionaire, that's probably what I'd think.

For the large chunk of cash you'll need to unload at the Land Rover dealer, you'll at least get a solid, capable, luxury SUV. Yes, the power delivery is smooth, but at close to three tons this is a heavy vehicle, so ultimately, it doesn't feel overly fast. Surely the extra dose of power in the 2010 Range Rover won't hurt. The interior is pretty nicely put together, with what feels like fine-quality leather and plastics. However, some of the controls seem a little dated. For instance, the seat heater controls are large, clunky dials located at the bottom of the center stack. In fact, they look more like HVAC fan regulators than seat heaters - which might explain why they were hiding in plain sight when I tried to find them. It took me half the drive home before I figured out how to heat my rear end!

Amy Skogstrom, Managing Editor

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