2009 Ford F-250 Cabela's Edition 4x4 Crewcab

This truck is nothing short of incredible. Too bad nobody had time to do anything awesome with it during the time it spent in our fleet. The last time I drove a diesel F-250 I towed another diesel F-250 to South Carolina. That's a good use of this truck and one of the only ways to really appreciate the capability of the platform.

I think there's something wrong with this particular Power Stroke. It feels really low on midrange power, almost like the first turbo isn't spooling up the second one. I'd say this was due to the particulate trap being emptied, except it felt that sluggish for my entire 100-mile drive. The Super Duty I drove last summer felt much better.

As far as the Cabela's package goes, I generally like it. The locking gun case is a good idea, but why isn't it removable? And why does it only fit one rifle or shotgun? If I'm going to the range, I want to be able to carry the case with me, and if I'm going hunting in a crew cab truck, I presume I'll be bringing at least a friend or two. It would be a boon, though, to have the locking case for concealed pistol permit holders when driving through states like Illinois, where carry permits are not recognized.

I'd love a truck like this as a daily driver. I just wish it had a better turning radius.

Phil Floraday, Senior Online Editor

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