Huh. I don't get those comments about the 1-2 shift. What are you guys doing to that stick? I didn't have a problem with it, and I found the S5 immensely enjoyable in every gear. But I do agree with Jen about the difficulty in finding a comfortable driving position. The funny thing is, I'm just about double her size. I went down, back, raked the seat bottom, and finally settled into semi-comfort behind the very nice steering wheel, but it wasn't a perfect fit. I got over it.

This car is an absolute head turner, starting with mine. I came out of the parking garage stairwell and snapped to attention when I saw its big grille poking out of the dark, hunkered way down almost on the ground between the gorgeous headlamps. It looked half as tall as the Chevy Malibu next to it and eight times as badass. It also stopped two different pedestrians in mid-crosswalk with the big double take.

The real thrill is in putting your foot down. The engine starts up with less a roar than a thrum, but the accelerator pedal is directly connected to the juice making it perfectly irresistible. To one degree or another, all Audis make this soulful connection with their drivers, offering a conspiratorial blend of power, handling, braking, and joyfulness in any gear, on any road surface in any situation. I haven't put my driving privileges in jeopardy quite like I did this month during my two nights in the S5.

Jean Jennings, President & Editor-in-Chief

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