2009 Infiniti G37 Sedan 6MT

I think Rusty found what I loved about our Four Seasons Infiniti G37S coupe - its balance makes it oh-so-fun to slide around in the slippery stuff. I'd argue this example is more enjoyable in snow than our 4S car, thanks (in no small part) to the absence of Infiniti's active four-wheel-steering. I know 4WS was supposed to quicken turn-in and make (dry) twisty roads more enjoyable, but the system seemed confused and twitchy once the car was drifting.

I know the coupe looks sexier, but if I had the money to drop on a G, I'd be making a beeline toward the sedan. Not only does it sticker for a couple grand less than a two-door G37S, but two nondecapitated adults can comfortably sit in the rear seat. Unless you're adamant you'll never ever use the second row, the sedan is your best bet.

Though my love for this car seems to know no bounds, I do think it could be improved in little ways. I'd love to see bigger, more practical cupholders (the current ones are perfect for juice boxes, though), and I'm wondering why the automatic seat/steering column exit function - found on cars with automatic transmissions - isn't available with the six-speed manual.

On that note, I must be one of the few who don't find this car's gearbox a quantum leap from our coupe's - then again, I was one of the few who actually could tolerate our long-term car's clutch, as well.

Evan McCausland, Web Producer

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