2009 Nissan Pathfinder LE 4x4

I win! I win! I bagged the Pathfinder the night all hell broke loose, weatherwise. And then, being the boss, I refused to give it back until the sun broke through and a Nissan guy was sitting in ambush in our lobby, waiting to take the Pathfinder away.

First night was the huge storm that began at 4 a.m. and snowed all the way through the day into night. Nothing like a fat blanket of snow on the road to completely eliminate chassis roughness and ride noise. All that you need/care/want is traction. The Pathfinder's four-wheel drive is available with a twist of a dash-mounted switch to the right of the steering wheel. I flipped from 2WD through AUTO into 4H to punch through the snowbank across my driveway and carry on down my snowy rural road. It was still early morning, so the worst was to come. But it was bad enough that the interstate's high-speed lane was still snowbound, which left it open for me to tootle along in. At one point, three cars were spinning in front of me (all three landed in the ditch) as the Pathfinder tracked dead ahead.

The next day brought another big storm on top of the six inches of newly fallen snow and now I had to twist through to 4L, easily accomplished without shifting to Neutral - you just push the twist knob in and go another clockwise click, and you've got it.

The other important points noted during this horrendous weekend (yesterday it was -11 F without the wind chill factored in, and today it was 0 degrees) were:
-heater quick to warm the cabin, and adjustable in one-degree increments
-large-capacity washer fluid reservoir
-quick defrost
-rear wiper/washer big enough to actually afford a view
-quick-heating seats

And that all-important, way-too-rare steering wheel heater that gets so warm, you actually have to turn it off!

Call me shallow, but you try living here when it's so cold, you consider retraining your dog to go on a paper after she's fully grown. When it snows for four straight days, a Nissan Pathfinder has a very good shot at being my own personal Automobile of those Four Days.

Jean Jennings, President & Editor-in-Chief

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