2009 Ford Expedition EXP Limited EL 4x4

Unlike Marc, I only used the Expedition to drive myself and my husband to visit friends in Chelsea (about 25-30 miles from our house). To say that the Expedition was more vehicle than we needed for the trip is an understatement. The fact that this particular example is an XL (extended-length) version made it even more absurd that we chose to drive the Expedition rather than our much more fuel-efficient Hyundai.

The Expedition goes down the highway pretty well, but the 300-hp V-8 doesn't feel particularly powerful, owing to the fact that it's tasked with moving three tons (!) of metal down the road. And when we got home, the darn thing was too long to fit in my garage, so I had to park it in the driveway. In the morning, I then had to scrape the frost off the windows - thank goodness for the power retractable running boards, because without them it would have been impossible to reach the windshield at all. As it was, I still could only reach about a third of the way across it.

It's interesting that Marc used the word "dinosaur" to describe the Expedition, because that's exactly what I called it when talking to Francois, our friendly parking attendant who makes it his business to ask about the vehicles I drive out of the structure each night. And like the dinosaur, it appears that vehicles like the Expedition will soon be extinct, or at least on the endangered species list.

Amy Skogstrom, Managing Editor

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