2009 Dodge Charger SRT8

Holy crap, I love this engine! The power is SWEET, and it sounds fantastic during cold starts, giving a lopey rumble that sounds like its almost on the verge of stalling. Brilliant! The SRT8 can also spin its tires with stability control fully activated (as long as you dont make any sudden inputs that make the computer think youre about to crash). I like those high thresholds, although it just supports my case that this car is not painted TorRed, as the Monroney says, but is actually Arrest Me Red.

A couple things about this particular Charger pleasantly surprised me. (1) The doors shut with an impressive (and unexpected) solid sound, and (2) the seat bolsters arent nearly as huge and annoying as I remember those in other SRT vehicles.

The g-meter (which debuted on the Challenger SRT8, I believe) is a silly gimmick, but I like it. It just adds to the Arrest Me factor, though: "Oh, I know I can beat 0.6 acceleration g's," or "I wonder if I can hold 0.9 g's through this next corner ... "

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

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