2008 Ford Mustang Saleen Dan Gurney H281SC Signature Edition

I had a ton of fun in this Saleen Mustang. Sure, nearly $60K is a ton of money for a rude, crude, solid-axle car, but that raw feel is also endearing. I drove like a total hooligan all weekend and loved every minute.

The Saleen looks good and got a ton of looks. I like the front end, the wheels, and especially the hood pins. I find the rear not quite so good and a bit busy with the decals and the plastic license-plate trim. At least it doesn't have a big wing. The interior is less successful as the seats are not very attractive.

The Pirelli PZero Corsa tires take some time to warm up but offer a ton of grip once they have some heat. They also lead to a bit of tramlining, and their stiff sidewalls surely don't help the ride. Not that the Saleen Mustang rides that bad. The upgraded suspension improves body and wheel control considerably, but there's still only so much you can do with a solid rear axle. On anything but relatively smooth pavement, the Mustang gets knocked around constantly. The upgraded brakes are strong, although the steering still doesn't offer enough feel for my taste.

I love the power and the acceleration of this Saleen 'Stang. The short shifter is perfect for the car, even though it can be somewhat notchy at times. The supercharger sounds cool, but I wish it were a normally aspirated engine; to me, supercharging is cheating. I also wish it revved like an old Trans-Am motor and sounded a bit more like a regular Mustang engine, only louder and more purposeful.

This is a car for the rich old guy who loves muscle cars and watched Dan Gurney kick butt back in the day.

Marc Noordeloos, Road Test Editor

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