2008 Volkswagen Rabbit S

It was such a long, excruciating day today. I trudged out of the office, slogged to the parking structure, and came face-to-face with a two-door Rabbit. Sigh. My first thought was, "I need a chauffeur." Big sigh.

Got in, looked around, and perked up a bit. Very nicely trimmed with satin metal touches on the doors and wide, thin radio presets. Cool. Good: Big, fat steering wheel. Great chairs. Bummer: autobox.

It fired up with a nice blattt, roared out of its spot, and leaped out into the street. Alright! Waking up, I started driving like we all prefer to drive, that is, in real time, exactly in the moment, not as the dead time between A and B, but as our chosen and preferred activity for that hour.

As it is trimmed, this Rabbit is a real prize. A five speed would make it cheaper, but not more fun. This manumatic shifts crisply with spirited up or down flicks of the short shift lever. You can toss it into turns at sporting speeds, and come out the other end with a roar. But Joe D. is absolutely right: the base two-door with manual is a killer deal.

Jean Jennings, President & Editor-in-Chief

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