2008 Mazda 5 Touring

2008 Mazda 5 Touring

Ok, I'll join the club: I love the Mazda 5, too. I liked our long-term Mazda 5, I like this short-termer, and all in all, the 5 is probably the only minivan on the planet that I'd even think about buying. It's fun, it's cheeky, and it can carry a lot of stuff.

That said, after driving this 5, I'm reminded of the car's shortcomings. With the exception of a little headroom and a pair of sliding doors, the 5 does little that a decent-sized station wagon can't do. It's economical and fast enough for most peoples' needs, but it also suffers from a serious case of identity crisis: It's neither as entertaining and economical as a good European wagon nor as useful as a full-size minivan. Perhaps that's why you don't see more of them on the road?

Sam Smith, Associate Editor

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