2008 BMW 128i Convertible

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$42,000 is a lot for a 1-series, especially when you consider what kind of lightly used 3-series (coupe, convertible, M3) that cash will buy. Nevertheless, the 128i cabriolet has its own charm. Sure, the back seat is essentially useless - I'm 5'10" and I simply don't fit, from either a leg or a shoulder standpoint - but a roofless BMW is a roofless BMW, and the 1-series cab offers a nimble, chuckable feeling that the larger, heavier 3-series cab simply doesn't.

This car also reminds me that I'm becoming a little more divided where the 1-series is concerned - I tend to err toward the slightly more floggable 128i, which is less likely to get you arrested, over the 135i. It's more involving, and it requires more work to go quickly; the 135i simply rockets you into the next time zone regardless of gear choice, rpm, or road speed, and while it's amazingly fast, it's not really more entertaining than its smaller-engined sibling.

Sam Smith, Associate Editor

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