2009 Subaru Forester 2.5X

Sam's right about the missing spark - but I've got to say, it's been lost for quite a while. Outside of a few Legacy models or anything with a WRX badge, what, pray tell, in Subie's current lineup jumps out at you? Nothing, I'm afraid - much of that Subaru quirk has gone the way of the SVX.

I'd liken this transformation of the Forester to the development of the RAV4 over the past decade. When first launched, both were cute, small, funky, and (surprisingly) fun. Now, they're large, overweight, underpowered, and trying too hard to be serious, and targeting a different demographic. No longer is the Forester trying to target young buyers who wanted a car-based SUV. I feel it's aiming at former (and now older) Forester owners who, after some time, want something a little larger although can't divest themselves of the Forester nameplate. At least that's what the TV spots (no, not the one with the wrestlers) seem to imply.

Evan McCausland, Assistant Web Producer

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