2009 Ford Focus Coupe SES

The sleeker styling of the Focus coupe requires a notable packaging compromise. Not only is it tricky for passengers to hop into the rear seats, as Joe DeMatio mentioned, the front seatback and the B-pillar make it difficult to reach back there to retrieve your briefcase or other articles that you didn't feel like loading into the trunk.

It's a darn good thing that the stick-shift Focus is rated at 35 highway mpg, because you really have to exercise this gearbox if you want anything resembling sprightly quickness. The aforementioned softened chassis also undermines fun.

I am truly glad that the compact Focus has recently experienced a sales resurgence (moving new metal is obviously critical to FoMoCo these days), but my colleagues are right-import-level refinement still isn't quite here. Case in point: an annoying rattling sound clearly emanated from the right side of the dashboard/footwell on my way to work this morning. Not good in a car that has only a few thousand miles on it.

Rusty Blackwell, Copy Editor

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