2008 Mazda RX-8 R3

Sam Smith David Yochum

Like Amy, I repeatedly changed the channel when I was trying to adjust the volume, and this dog is ten years younger. Unlike Amy, I have grown accustomed to and somewhat dependent upon digital readout speedometers. It might be considered laziness or a need for instant gratification, but I like only having to take my eyes off the road for a moment to see how fast I am going. Granted, with several speeding tickets to my name, I have become slightly OCD about checking my speed. Add it to the list.

The seats are supportive but the side bolsters are so large and firm and protrude so far off the seat that shifting was difficult for me. In order to avoid bruising my tricep muscle on every rearward shift, I sat slightly off center and sideways and squeezed the bolster into my armpit. There is also an uncomfortable protrusion at the base of the vertical part of the seat. Like the side bolsters, it has no give so it pushed into my lower back. However, I did drive the RX-8 over an entire weekend and I hardly noticed the hump by the time I returned it on Monday morning.

Overall, the interior is nice but the cockpit is really tight on space and the heavily bolstered seats only exacerbate the cramped feeling.

Jennifer Misaros, Production Editor

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