2008 BMW M6 Coupe

Sam Smith
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Just last week I was complaining about the M6 and how much I generally disliked the 6-series. Then road test editor Marc Noordeloos tossed me the key to this car for a night, and I almost changed my mind. The V-10 is fantastic, and I'm almost willing to tolerate the 6-series to enjoy the power delivery of the V-10.

My main complaint about the 6-series is similar to Joe's. The car is huge compared with a 3-series, but it doesn't offer the interior volume of a Mercedes CL. It's far too heavy to be a real sports car, but it's more than just a big coupe. It just never made sense to me.

Then I got another chance behind the wheel of an M6. I'd completely forgotten how amazing this engine is. Push the M button and unleash the whole 500 hp and suddenly it doesn't matter how huge the car is. You're looking at 100 mph before fourth gear, and there's about 8000 rpm at your disposal. You don't get AMG-like torque, but the high revs and surprisingly wide powerband make up for it.

I was enjoying the V-10 so much I wasn't paying any attention to my speed when I spotted a state trooper on my morning commute. The road was otherwise empty, and my Passport lit up and started making a racket. Thankfully, the brakes are every bit as impressive as the engine. I was able to rein in all the power in the nick of time and proceeded to be more responsible for the rest of my commute.

I'm still not sold on the 6-series, but I'm in love with the V-10.

Phil Floraday, Senior Online Editor

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